SVCA’s Mission Statement

The mission of the Simi Valley Cultural Association is to raise cultural awareness in our community through the creation and development of programs and services that educate, enlighten and support tolerance, understanding and inclusion through artistic endeavor.


In 1976 the Simi Valley Cultural Association was created with the goal of building a performing arts center on site at City Hall in Civic Center Park. Although years of dedication and persistence did not result in realizing their original objective, SVCA persevered and after reflecting on the needs of the community, altered their mission to include a much broader, more inclusive vision which was to expand and raise cultural awareness through artistic endeavor.


Through a close partnership with Actors’ Repertory Theatre of Simi, the creative and artistic development organization under their non-profit umbrella, SVCA has been able to become the 501(c)3 sponsor for countless events and programs that have served thousands of Simi Valley residents since 1992.


  • Actors’ Repertory Theatre of Simi – Live theatrical presentation and season on stage at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center since 1995
  • The Simi Valley Historical Ghost Tour (Ghost Tour in Strathearn Park)
  • ARTS Performance Academy
  • ARTS Summer Musical Theatre Workshop for Kids
  • ARTS Literature in Action
  • The Nottingham Festival
  • Tumbleweed Township
  • Time Travelers, Inc.
  • ARTS Cultural Enrichment Center
  • Spectrum Collaborative
  • Pride Youth Theatre Alliance


It is the goal of SVCA to identify groups within our community that would most benefit from programs providing opportunities that engage, educate and enlighten through the arts. Our primary focus is to create an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding and unity that will serve to bridge that which threatens to divide us as human beings and instead, bring us together.

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